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  • Replacement XTS Microphone Clip 6405738

    Motorola XTS Microphone Belt Clip Reference: 6405738V01 / 4205823V01 AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT - NOT OEM Would you like to purchase the OEM version of this clip? Check out our part # : 1002-PR ... Read more

  • 3.5mm TS Mono Plug 1/8" (Plastic)

    3.5mm (1/8") TS plug Plastic 2 conductors / MONO Ruggedized Commercial ... Read more

  • MS27488-20-2 Sealing Plug (Red)

    MS27488-20-2 / 10-405996-202 Red Sealing Plug Circular Connector Sealing Plug Contact Size: 20 AWG NSN: 5935-00-496-7171 Ruggedized Commercial / Military ... Read more

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EAA AirVenture 2015 Airshow

For seven days from sunrise to well past sunset, your Oshkosh day is filled dazzling displays of aerobatics, informative ...

Nexus TP-120 U-174 Helicopter Plug

Nexus TP-120 commercial U-174 telephone plug. This video shows you how to wire the TP-120 and compares this telephone plug to ...

Aviation Headset Information & Specs

Aviation headset are used in different industries but are primarily designed to be used in civilian and military aircraft. This ...

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Aviation Microphone (M-7/DC)
Model: 5700-CA
$37.00 $29.99
Based on 75 reviews.
Small Windscreen
Model: 9091-WS
Based on 21 reviews.
Aviation Microphone (M-7A)
Model: 5720-CA
$37.00 $29.99
Based on 40 reviews.
U-174/U (TP-101)
Model: 5640-CO
Based on 3 reviews.
U-173/U (MP-101)
Model: 6030-CO
$2.00 $1.40
Based on 9 reviews.
U-174 (TP-120)
Model: 1550-CO
Based on 5 reviews.
Aviation Connectors (PJ-068/PJ-055)
Model: 5568-CO
Based on 13 reviews.
TJ-120 (U-174/U)
Model: 1200-CO
Based on 7 reviews.
U-92A/U (TJ-102 / M9177/3-1)
Model: 5501-CO
Based on 12 reviews.
M-7/DC Retrofit Kit
Model: 5780-CA
Based on 2 reviews.
U-94A/U (TJS-102)
Model: 5094-CO
Based on 3 reviews.

NATO AM-626 Cable Grommet (Seal)
Model: 1013-HP
3.5mm TS Mono Plug 1/8" (Plastic)
Model: 1053-CO
3.5mm TS Mono Plug 1/8" (Metal)
Model: 1051-CO
M39029/58-360 Socket Contact
Model: 1048-CO
M39029/57-357 Socket Contact (20 PK)
Model: 1046-CO
M39029/57-357 Socket Contact
Model: 1045-CO
M39029-56-348 Socket Contact
Model: 1042-CO
M39029/5-115 Socket Contact (100 PK)
Model: 1041-CO
M39029/5-115 Socket Contact
Model: 1039-CO
MS27488-20-2 Sealing Plug (Red)
Model: 1036-CO
6.35mm Mono Plug 1/4" (Metal)
Model: 1035-CO
U-161/U Plug
Model: 1034-CO
3.5mm / 1/8" TRS to PJ-068 Adapter
Model: 1033-CO
Based on 3 reviews.
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