• 1056-HS ANR Aviation Headset (Universal)

    Active noise reduction (ANR) High impedance (civilian aircraft) Built-in ANR rechargeable battery with LED indicator light (10+ hours per charge) Passive / Active Noise locking switch Mono / Stereo switch Dual volume control Unit will function as a passive headset when the battery is ... Read more

  • 1060-HS Passive Aviation Headset (Universal)

    Passive headset High impedance (civilian aircraft) Mono / Stereo switch Dual volume control QUICK CONNECT interchangable communication cables (helicopter, fixed-wing, nato, etc) Adjustable gain aviation microphone (5715-CA) 19.7 oz (without cord) 5 Year Guarantee 30-Day Money-Back ... Read more

  • Fire & Rescue Headset Intercom System (5 Users)

    Features Fire & Rescue Headset Intercom System Plug and Play functionality 5 users / headsets 2 users with a remotely located PTT (push to talk) panel 12 V power requirement Each headset has a microphone activation switch (On / Off) Multiple headset color options Interco ... Read more

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Acousticom Corporation (Aviation microphones, headsets, helmets and parts)

Aviation Microphone (M-7/DC)
Model: 5700-CA
$40.00 $35.00
Based on 62 reviews.
Small Windscreen
Model: 9091-WS
Based on 11 reviews.
Aviation Microphone (M-7A)
Model: 5720-CA
$39.00 $35.00
Based on 24 reviews.
U-174/U (TP-101)
Model: 5640-CO
Based on 1 reviews.
U-173/U (MP-101)
Model: 6030-CO
Based on 3 reviews.
H10-76 Conversion Kit Plus
Model: 1077-CK
Based on 8 reviews.
M-7/DC Retrofit Kit
Model: 5780-CA
Based on 2 reviews.
Aviation Connectors (PJ-068/PJ-055)
Model: 5568-CO
Based on 5 reviews.
TJ-120 (U-174/U)
Model: 1200-CO
CX-4434/U Short
Model: 1100-CB
U-174 (TP-120)
Model: 5641-CO
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