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  • Airbus to U-174/U (5-PIN)

    Airbus (5-PIN) to U-174/U 12 inches long Converts your 5-PIN Airbus headset to helicopter configuration. Ruggedized Commercial ... Read more

  • M-1/DC Amplified Electret Replacement (Gain)

    M-1/DC Amplified Electret Replacement Sensitivity control on the microphone Includes CX-4434 short cable (7 inches long) Includes 5710-CA adjustable aviation microphone (gain) Aftermarket David Clark M-1/DC / 12948G-01 Replacement Ruggedized Commercial / Military ... Read more

  • Deluxe Gel and Foam Headset Ear Seals

    Deluxe Gel Filled Ear Seals Layered foam and gel design for maximum comfort Vented to increase comfort Double the thickness of a normal ear seal Increased headset noise attenuation when using these ear seals (better seal). Fits large earcup style headsets Fits all Acousticom headsets ... Read more

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Celebrating 35 Years of Business

October 2015 marks a milestone for Acousticom Corporation as an advanced communication manufacturer. The post Celebrating 35 ...

SBA Regional Prime Contractor of the Year 1987

We are going to dive right into 1987 with some photos and a newspaper article! The post SBA Regional Prime Contractor of the ...

Monthly Giveaways are BACK!

We are doing monthly giveaway contests starting this month in 2015. Visit our “Giveaway” page in the top menu to learn how you ...

Acousticom Corporation (Aviation microphones, headsets, helmets and parts)

Aviation Microphone (M-7/DC)
Model: 5700-CA
Based on 63 reviews.
Small Windscreen
Model: 9091-WS
Based on 18 reviews.
Aviation Microphone (M-7A)
Model: 5720-CA
Based on 27 reviews.
U-174/U (TP-101)
Model: 5640-CO
Based on 2 reviews.
U-173/U (MP-101)
Model: 6030-CO
Based on 4 reviews.
Aviation Connectors (PJ-068/PJ-055)
Model: 5568-CO
Based on 8 reviews.
M-7/DC Retrofit Kit
Model: 5780-CA
Based on 2 reviews.
TJ-120 (U-174/U)
Model: 1200-CO
Based on 2 reviews.
U-174 (TP-120)
Model: 5641-CO
Based on 2 reviews.
CX-4434/U Short
Model: 1100-CB

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