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Aviation Microphone (M-7A)

Aviation Microphone (M-7A)
Model: 5720-CA
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  • Noise canceling amplified electret microphone.
  • Shock, vibration & weather resistant.
  • Carbon replacement.
  • M-7A direct replacement.

This aviation microphone is a noise canceling microphone. This microphone replaces carbon & amplified dynamic microphones used in civilian applications. This microphone requires a DC voltage supply of 9-28 volts. This voltage is standard with modern aviation equipment.

General Description
Microphone Only
Short Description
This is a noise cancelling aviation electret microphone.
Civilian Aviation
# of Pieces
Testing Standard
High Strength ABS Plastic, Corrosion Resistant Metals
Microphone Specifications
Altitude Compensation
25,000 feet
6% @ 114dB
Element Type
Amplified Electret
Frequency Response
100 Hz to 10,000 Hz
150 ohms
Noise Cancellation
15 dB
Sensitivity at Ground Level
86dB- 98dB @ 1.0 kHz/94dB input
Supply Voltage
9-28V DC (not polarity sensitive)
U-173/U Plug
0 feet
Temperature Range
-55C to +85C
Water Resistant
Compatible Headsets
AirClassics HS-1A Headset
AC-747 PNR, AC-900 PNR, AC-910 PNR, AC-920 PNR, AC-950 ANR, AC-950-AFL
David Clark
40074G-04, 40259G-02, 40411G-05, 40411G-08, 40411G-10, 40411G-11, 40411G-13, 40411G-16, 40411G-18, 40411G-19, 40422G-05, 40493G-01,40524G-03, 40600G-15, 40600G-17, 40600G-20, 40608G-04, 40683G-02, 40733G-01, 40765G-01, 40776G-01, 40853G-01, 40857G-01, 41025G-02, H10-13.4, H10-13H, H10-13HX, H10-13N, H10-13S, H10-13X, H10-13XL, H10-13XP, H10-13Y, H10-20, H10-21, H10-26, H10-56HX, H10-56HXL, H10-56XP, H10-60, H10-60C, H10-60H, H10-80, H10-86, H20-10, H20-10HX, H20-10S,H20-10X, H20-10XL, H20-10XP, H20-16, H3430, H3432, H3440, H3441, H3442, H3492, H6240-55
Rugged Radios
RA900, RA950, RA620
1 Year
Warranty Type
Limited Warranty
Manufacturer will replace defected product. Coverage does not include items that have been damaged by user error.
Extended Warranty Option
Known Part Numbers
David Clark
M-7A, 09168P-33
Jepp Direct
Pilot USA
PA-7, PA-7X, PA-9EHN
Rugged Radios

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