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  • Custom ANR Headset

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  • Helicopter Flight Helmet (LMT / White / Coiled)

    Northwall's LMT Pilot Helmets are an ergonomic and innovative flight helmet design made in Italy. This helmet has been combined with Acousticom's passive helmet communication headset to create one our newest flight helmets for the aviation market. This flight helmet is configured for an enclosed ... Read more

  • Aviation Microphone (Flex / Gain)

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U-385/U to Airbus (5-PIN / U-384/U)
Model: 1037-CB
U-385/U to Airbus (5-PIN) Mates with U-384/U 12 inches long Converts your U-384/U connector..
U-385/U to Dual 3.5mm / 1/8" (U-384/U)
Model: 2302-CB
U-384/U to dual 3.5mm plugs Audio is wired in stereo Ruggedized Commercial ..
U-385/U to PJ-068 & PJ-055 (U-384/U)
Model: 1750-CB
U-384/U to PJ-068 & PJ-055 Audio is wired in stereo ..
U-385/U to U-174/U (U-384/U / Coiled)
Model: 1022-CB
U-384/U to U-174/U ≈ 48 inches stretched ≈ 27 inches unstretched Coiled cord Ruggedized C..
U-385/U to U-174/U (U-384/U / Straight)
Model: 1003-CB
U-384/U to U-174/U 12 inches Ruggedized Commercial / Military ..

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