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  • Custom ANR Headset

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  • Helicopter Flight Helmet (LMT / White / Coiled)

    Northwall's LMT Pilot Helmets are an ergonomic and innovative flight helmet design made in Italy. This helmet has been combined with Acousticom's passive helmet communication headset to create one our newest flight helmets for the aviation market. This flight helmet is configured for an enclosed ... Read more

  • Aviation Microphone (Flex / Gain)

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David Clark H10-76 headset parts

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Cloth Ear Seal Covers
Model: 1010-HP
Cloth Ear Seal Covers Sold in pairs Recommended for David Clark H10 style headsets Cannot b..
Small Foam Ear Seals
Model: 1004-HP
Small foam ear seals Slow foam Fits standard headsets from the aviation, military and rescue ..
U-174/U (TP-101)
Model: 5640-CO
U-174/U Mates with U-92A/U, TJ-101, TJ-120, U-94A/U, TJT-120 Cable mount 4 conductor plug C..
Based on 3 reviews.
M-87/AIC (5 Ohm) Olive Drab
Model: 9200-CA
M-87/AIC Olive Drab (Color) Low Impedance Military Applications Ruggedized Commercial / M..
M-87/AIC Microphone
Model: 9000-CA
M-87/AIC Microphone Dynamic M-87 microphone Low Impedance Military Applications Militar..
Based on 2 reviews.
7" Chrome Headset Boom
Model: 9065-BM
Features and Info: Replacement Boom Chrome Fits microphones like the M-87, M-138, and Elec..
Boom Guide Ratchet
Model: 1000-BM
Boom Guide Ratchet Similar to 12840G-11 Position and lock wire boom with thumbscrew. Rugged..
CX-4434/U Short
Model: 1100-CB
CX-4434/U Short U-173/U to U-173/U Cable Length: 7 in (177.8 mm) Different cable lengths av..
Ear Cup Foam Insert
Model: 1003-HP
Foam insert for ear cups Two pre-cut/optional holes Sold Individually Ruggedized Commercial..
H-143/AIC Earphones (19 Ohm)
Model: 2900-CA
H-143/AIC Earphones 19 ohm impedance Sold in pairs Ruggedized Commercial / Military ..
Headset Volume Knob (Black)
Model: 8181-HP
Replacement volume control knob on headsets .125" Shaft diameter Tightens with a small f..
Large Windscreen
Model: 9940-WS
Large Windscreen Fits M-87, M-138, M-101 style dynamic microphones Reduces wind and ambient c..
Military Headpad (MX-2507/AIC)
Model: 5816-HP
Features and Info: For use with David Clark Style Headsets Replace Worn Headband Add ..
Soft Top Headset Cushion
Model: 1000-HP
Features and Info: For use with David Clark Style Headsets Upgrade and Replace Worn/Old..
Headset Grommet
Model: 3000-GR
Headset Grommet Ruggedized Commercial / Military ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Headset Grommet (14889P-01)
Model: 2000-GR
14889P-01 Headset Grommet We no longer carry this item. Please see our grommets page for o..
U-174/U Military Headset / H-157/AIC / H10-76
Model: 8000-HS
Features and Info: Similar to David Clark's H10-76 5 Ohm Dynamic Microphone (M-87/AIC) : (QP..

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