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  • Custom ANR Headset

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  • Helicopter Flight Helmet (LMT / White / Coiled)

    Northwall's LMT Pilot Helmets are an ergonomic and innovative flight helmet design made in Italy. This helmet has been combined with Acousticom's passive helmet communication headset to create one our newest flight helmets for the aviation market. This flight helmet is configured for an enclosed ... Read more

  • Aviation Microphone (Flex / Gain)

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Military Connectors

Military Cable Connectors / MIL SPEC

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JJ-055 (MJ-122)
Model: 5503-CO
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U-172/U (MJ-101)
Model: 5722-CO
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Based on 3 reviews.
U-173/U (MP-101)
Model: 6030-CO
U-173/U Mates with U-172/U, U-179A/U, JJ-055, M641/8-1, OMJ-101 Cable mount 2 conductor micro..
$2.00 $1.40
Based on 9 reviews.
U-174/U (TP-101)
Model: 5640-CO
U-174/U Mates with U-92A/U, TJ-101, TJ-120, U-94A/U, TJT-120 Cable mount 4 conductor plug C..
Based on 3 reviews.
U-179A/U (MJ-102)
Model: 4040-CO
U-179A/U Mates with U-173/U (MP-101) Cable mount 2 conductor microphone jack Locking with r..
U-384/U (TP-105)
Model: 5508-CO
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U-385/U (TJ-105)
Model: 5502-CO
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U-92A/U (TJ-102 / M9177/3-1)
Model: 5501-CO
U-92A/U female connector jac Mates with TP-120, TP-101, TP-102, TPSJ-101 M9177/3-1 Ruggediz..
Based on 12 reviews.
U-93A/U (TP-102)
Model: 5093-CO
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$30.00 $25.00
Based on 4 reviews.
U-94A/U (TJS-102)
Model: 5094-CO
U-94A/U Mates with U-174/U, U-93A/U, TP-120 Cable mount 4 conductor jack with push button swi..
$34.00 $24.00
Based on 3 reviews.
6.35mm TRS Plug 1/4" (MIL M642/2-1)
Model: 9412-CO
6.35mm TRS Plug (1/4") MIL M642/2-1 Ruggedized Commercial / Military ..
AP-107BR (Waterproof)
Model: 1031-CO
AP-107BR Amphenol Nexus 7 conductors Waterproof plug Wire strain relief Mates with AJ-1..
Model: 8050-CO
MS3476W24-61P Mates with PT02SE-24-61S Insert Arrangement: 24-61 Ruggedized Commercial / Mi..
Model: 1209-CO
TJ-106 Mates with TP-106 Inline biaxial shielded telephone jack Ruggedized Commercial / Mil..
Model: 5513-CO
Mates with TP-108 Inline biaxial shielded telephone jack in a TJ-106 case Ruggedized Commerci..
TJ-120 (U-174/U)
Model: 1200-CO
TJ-120 Mates with TP-120, TP-101, TP-102, TPSJ-101 Flanged panel mount telephone jack Rugge..
Based on 7 reviews.
Model: 5515-CO
TP-106 Mates with TJ-106 Cable mount biaxial telephone plug Ruggedized Commercial / Militar..
Model: 5514-CO
Mates with TJ-108 Inline biaxial shielded telephone plug Ruggedized Commercial / Military ..
U-75/U (M22442/5-1)
Model: 1012-CO
U-75/U (M22442/5-1) 4 conductors NSN: 5935-00-228-5028 Ruggedized Commercial / Military ..
U-75/U with Transformer (M22442/5-2)
Model: 1011-CO
U-75/U (M22442/5-2) Includes 1 transformer 4 conductors High to low transformer included ..
Model: 5510-CO
U-77/U (MIL-C-10544) Mates with U-78/U and U-79/U Medium power plug and receptacle Ruggediz..
U-78/U Plug
Model: 5517-CO
Features and Info: Military Grade (MIL-C-10544) 10 Conductor NSN 5965-00-283-2884 The..
$100.00 $60.00
U-79/U Panel Mount
Model: 5519-CO
U-79/U Military Panel Mount Connector Military Grade (MIL-DTL-10544) 10 Conductor NSN 5935-..
UK Nato Military Jack (AM-626)
Model: 5647-CO
UK Nato Military Plug AM-626 / FJ3A 4 conductors ..

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