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H10-76 Conversion Kit Deluxe (MIL TO CIV)

Brand: Acousticom
Model: 1078-CK
Availability: 1 - 7 Days
Price: $160.00

10 or more $148.80
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  • Convert David Clark H10-76 to Civilian Aviation (H10-76XL is NOT compatible)
  • (2) 300 Ohm Earphones (2000-CA)
  • (1) Amplified Electret Microphone (5720-CA)
  • (1) 1/2 Flex 1/2 Wire boom upgrade
  • (1) U-174 to General Aviation Adapter

This is a FULL conversion of your H10-76 Military David Clark headset to be used in general aviation aircraft. Comes with two earphones, one microphone, boom and U-174/U to PJ-068 & PJ-055 adapter. Not compatible with the H10-76XL version.

Learn why these parts are crucial to change on your military headset below:

Because military headsets are low impedance they do not function correctly in civilian aircrafts. By changing the impedance of the earphones and microphone, you can convert your military headset to be function properly in your civilian plane. We do not recommend leaving the 19 ohm earphones in the headset for civilian aviation aircraft.

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