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U-92A/U (TJ-102 / M9177/3-1)
Model: 5501-CO
U-92A/U female connector jac Mates with TP-120, TP-101, TP-102, TPSJ-101 M9177/3-1 Ruggediz..
Based on 12 reviews.
U-93A/U (TP-102)
Model: 5093-CO
u = "https://store.acousticom.com/"; function ath(t, p) { var e = document...
$30.00 $25.00
Based on 4 reviews.
U-174/U to U-92A/U (U-93A/U)
Model: 1024-CB
U-174/U to U-92A/U Mates with U-93A/U Custom Length (X) - max 24" Ruggedized Commercial / M..
U-92A/U to Airbus (5-PIN / U-93A/U)
Model: 1036-CB
U-92A/U to Airbus (5-PIN) Mates with U-174/U, U-93A/U 12 inches long Converts your helicopt..
U-92A/U to Dual 3.5mm / 1/8" (U-93A/U)
Model: 2301-CB
U-93A/U to dual 3.5mm plugs Ruggedized Commercial ..
U-92A/U to PJ-068 & PJ-055 (U-93A/U)
Model: 1211-CB
U-93A/U to PJ-068 & PJ-055 Helicopter plug to fixed wing dual plug conversion ..
U-92A/U to U-384/U (U-93A/U)
Model: 1010-CB
U-93A/U to U-384/U 12 inches Wired in MONO Ruggedized Commercial / Military ..
LOW to HIGH Adapter (NSN 5965-01-335-4304)
Model: 1000-AD
Features and Info: Low to High Impedance Adapter (Approx 8 Ohms to 150 Ohms) Pre-amp only mo..
Model: 1201-CO
Mates with TP-120, U-174/U, U-93A/U, TPSJ-101 Flanged panel mount telephone jack Extra contac..
Model: 1202-CO
TJGT-120 Mates with TP-120, U-174/U, U-93A/U, TPSJ-101 Threaded panel mount jack Extra cont..
Model: 1203-CO
TJS-120 Mates with TP-120, U-174/U, U-93A/U, TPSJ-101 Flanged panel mount telephone jack Ex..

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